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The 1st World Forum of Intermediary Cities will Take Place in Chefchaouen

The 1st World Forum of Intermediary Cities will Take Place in Chefchaouen

The Moroccan city of Chefchaouen is preparing to host the first edition of the World Forum of Intermediate Cities, a unique event that aims to make sustainable development a common reality from the perspective of intermediary cities.

From 5-7 July, mayors, local and regional leaders, experts, senior government officials and representatives of international organizations from around the world will gather in Chefchaouen for a global forum to discuss and demonstrate how intermediary cities can promote sustainable development at local, national and international levels. Under the theme "Imagining an urban future together through intermediary cities", participants will focus on how to consolidate the intermediary city around common interests, such as citizen participation, environment, culture and local economic development.

The goal of the UCLG Intermediary Cities Forum is to implement on a territorial scale the Global Agendas. To this end, it is important to generate policies that adjust to the concrete realities of intermediary cities, as well as to formulate recommendations that facilitate the right conditions for them to develop global agendas. The expected outcomes of the World Forum should lead to the elaboration of a Charter of Intermediary Cities of the World and make the Forum a permanent platform for the definition of a specific global agenda for Intermediary Cities.


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