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The International Forum in Khabarovsk

The International Forum in Khabarovsk

On May 26, 2022, Khabarovsk hosted the International Forum “A Megacity 21st Century – Digitalization of the Municipal Management: Practice of Decision-Making”. This Forum was organized by the Municipality of Khabarovsk jointly with the International Assembly of Capitals and Major Cities of CIS Countries. In April 2022, Mayor of Khabarovsk Sergey Kravchuk was elected President of the Organization.

Among the participants was Secretary General of UCLG Eurasia Rasikh Sagitov. In his report Rasikh Sagitov highlighted that the COVID-19 pandemic has served as an impetus to the development of digitalization in the whole country. Today smart technologies are applied to housing and public utilities, transport, energy and other spheres. In addition, Secretary General of UCLG Eurasia told about the digitalization practices of various cities of the world. “During the pandemic, striving to reduce digital inequality, the City Council of Buenos Aires provided the most vulnerable students with over 105 000 electronic devices equipped with the possibility to connect to the Internet. This has allowed them to connect to the system of the capital’s state education”.

In his presentation, Rasikh Sagitov emphasized as well that UCLG attaches importance to the issue of digitalization. As part of the Organization, there is a Community of Practice “Digital Cities” that allows staffers of municipalities of the whole world to share experience in this sphere.

“Municipalities have interesting practices that will be useful for small and medium-sized cities. This is convenience and comfort for our citizens,” Sergey Kravchuk, Mayor of Khabarovsk, President of the International Assembly of Capitals and Major Cities of CIS Countries, summarized.


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