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The UCLG 2021 Retreat

The UCLG 2021 Retreat

This year the 2021 Retreat will be dedicated to highlighting how UCLG is A Global Community that Cares, discussing how to capitalize on this window of opportunity, to exchange on how our communities are working for the people, for the planet, for government, and for the future. For the first time, the UCLG Retreat will be a truly global experience aiming to make the most of this virtual environment, to highlight the closeness of the network. Even if having a screen between us separates us physically, it cannot separate our synergies, our goals, and our determination as a global network. Physical distancing cannot overcome how close we have become as a Network.

You will find our usual features: a warm networking hub for a one-on-one or bilateral meeting that you can request during sessions and in advance. A welcome desk throughout the meeting with friendly faces that will have all the answers on the programme and possibilities.

For the first time, we will hold a full team meeting of the UCLG Secretariats, allowing us to fully connect and build on the synchronization of UCLG throughout 2020. The Work Areas of UCLG will share with all participants what it means to advocate, to research, and to learn with UCLG as we enter the renewal process of our strategic priorities, and we will start the journey towards our 2022 Congress through learning from our Waves of Action.

The global scope of the 2021 Retreat will also be in full display in the sessions led by our UCLG Sections, who will each have a moment to share their priorities and visions, and we will also be able to witness the leadership of UCLG spearheading transformation in the meeting of the Presidency and the gathering of UNACLA.

To take part in the Retreat, please register via this link before February 12, 2021.



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