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€20.000 for Contribution to Peace: UCLG Calls for Peace Prize

€20.000 for Contribution to Peace: UCLG Calls for Peace Prize

The Prize encourages innovative peacebuilding initiatives of local governments and is free from any political partisanship and it is not aimed at promoting the cause of any political party or political view. The Award winning initiative should make visible how the local government has prevented conflict, promoted dialogue or ensured sustainable inclusive development in a (post) conflict and fragile situation.

The winner of the UCLG Peace Prize will receive a modest financial prize of €20.000 as well as a specially designed physical object. The way in which the money will be used will be decided upon together with the winning local government, the organising partners and the Jury.

From the 7th of November onward, it is possible to apply for the UCLG Peace Prize 2019 edition! If you are ready to apply, fill in our application form and send it to before April 30th, 2019.

Eligible recipients and projects
The Prize is open for award to local governments who either (a) themselves work for peace and conflict resolution in their own area, or (b) provide positive assistance to local governments in conflict and fragile areas. The Peace Prize will be awarded to the local government (as corporate entity) – not to individuals – whose initiatives or activities merit such recognition.

There may well be cases where local governments work together on a peace initiative, and in such cases the Prize could be awarded to them jointly.  This may for example include cooperation between a conflict-hit local government and its external partner city.

The Peace Prize is open to any subnational government that falls within UCLG’s own interpretation of the term “local government”. Broadly speaking, this means that a local government is a subnational government defined as such by its own country’s Constitution or legislation. Any nominated activity/initiative should have taken place within the 3 years prior to nomination.

Local governments may have taken part in a programme partnership or set of activities in relation to a conflict situation, which dates back much longer than 3 years. This would not affect their eligibility for the Peace Prize, provided the activities for which it is now nominated relate to the most recent 3 years.

The initiatives to be considered for the award of the Peace Prize must be free of any political partisanship, i.e. they must in no way directly promote the cause of any specific political party or political view.

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