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Ukhta and Syktyvkar may join UCLG-Eurasia

Ukhta and Syktyvkar may join UCLG-Eurasia

On July 17, Rasikh Sagitov, Secretary General of UCLG-Eurasia visited the city of Syktyvkar and met with Valery Kozlov, Head of the Syktyvkar City Administration. During the meeting, Rasikh Sagitov and Valery Kozlov discussed the possibility of Syktyvkar joining UCLG-Eurasia. As noted by Rasikh Sagitov, Syktyvkar is a cozy and clean city, a scientific and cultural center in the north of Russia.

On July 18, Rasikh Sagitov arrived in the city of Ukhta and met with Grigorii Konenkov, Head of the Ukhta Municipality. The main topic to discuss was the prospects of Ukhta joining UCLG-Eurasia and the further participation of the city in the activities of the world organization. According to Rasikh Sagitov, Ukhta is a very picturesque and green city, and the citizens are friendly and polite people who always welcome guests.

Visiting Ukhta and Syktyvkar, Rasikh Sagitov invited Valery Kozlov and Grigorii Konenkov to participate in the Eurasia Local Governments Congress, which will take place on October 4-7, 2018 in the city of Cheboksary. During the Congress the question of Ukhta and Syktyvkar joining UCLG-Eurasia will be discussed.


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