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Blockchain Voting In the Volgograd Region Set a World Record

Blockchain Voting In the Volgograd Region Set a World Record

More than 185 thousand people took part in the online voting for initiative budgeting projects in Volgograd and the Volgograd Region, conducted with the help of the Polys online voting system from the Kaspersky Lab. This platform is based on a blockchain technology and modern cryptographic algorithms. In total, more than 207 thousand votes were cast within the framework of the initiative. Thus, a new world record for remote voting based on blockchain technologies was set.

“The Volgograd region has been organizing a voting for local initiatives for the second year in a row. The results show the relevance of the project and the method of their selection: the number of votes for the projects has almost doubled compared to last year. In 11 out of 32 municipal districts, more than 200 votes per 1000 inhabitants were cast for projects. It is important that this time the voting took place during the coronavirus pandemic. It would have been simply impossible to achieve such participation of the residents offline”, Dmitry Zavyalov, Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Volgograd Region, said.

Voting was as follows: on a special site, the voter had to enter a phone number, receive an SMS with an access code and enter it to the system. After that, he could look through the list of possible projects and select those that seemed to him the most priority. It was possible to vote for several different projects.

The Polys project is a resident of the innovation center of the Kaspersky Lab. The Polys system is a safe and reliable platform. It is used by state institutions and private enterprises. With the help of Polys, a vote was taken for primaries in the Yabloko party, voting for municipal initiatives in the Nizhny Novgorod region, elections in the student association of the Netherlands, at the University of Tunisia, etc.

Source: Kaspersky4media


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