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Eurasian Cities Combating the Coronavirus

Eurasian Cities Combating the Coronavirus

Moscow has been the first city in the country to introduce the self-isolation regime

Since March 30, 2020, the home isolation regime in the capital of Russia should be observed not only by citizens of Moscow being at risk, but by other residents as well. City dwellers should more rarely move about the city and leave home only in the following cases: to go to work, to the nearest shop or pharmacy, or to seek for emergency medical care.

“Very soon, after technical and organizational measures are implemented, it will be possible to go outside only with a special permission issued in the manner prescribed by the Government of Moscow”, said Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin.

Nur-Sultan uses police loudspeakers to warn of quarantine

Officers of internal affairs bodies of Nur-Sultan use police cars’ loudspeakers to raise awareness among citizens. Audiotapes played in the Kazakh and Russian languagues warn of precautionary measures.

Besides, containers for used masks and gloves have been installed in the city for the purpose of their further utilization. In addition, according to the instruction of Mayor of the capital city Altay Kulginov, since March 25, 2020, medicine and safeguards have been being delivered to elderly people who are subject to regular medical check-up and receive outpatient treatment.

Saint Petersburg has submitted proposals to the Russian Government to support business in the context of the coronavirus outbreak

In its turn, the city, not waiting for instructions from the top, undertakes measures to ensure stable operation of enterprises and to minimise consequences for citizens. For this, operation headquarters to support business will be established in each district of Saint Petersburg.

“Any case of enterprises’ bankruptcy will be regarded as an emergency. We need to support our business and to ensure its stable work”, Governor of Saint Petersburg Aleksandr Beglov said.

Tatarstan Oil Company Launched the Production of Antiseptics

The Tatarstan oil company launched the production of protective masks, suits and overalls for medical personnel and emergency workers. In addition, the company quickly launched the production of antiseptics that meet WHO requirements at the oil refinery. After receiving all the necessary certificates, some of them will be transferred to medical institutions, social and emergency services of the region.

Turkestan Region stabilizes food prices

In Turkestan, due to the significant outflow of food products purchased by wholesale buyers of neighbouring regions, prices for socially important products have gone up by 40-60%, as a result a deficit of products has emerged.

Upon the instruction of Mayor of Turkestan Region Umirzak Shukeev, a mobile group to stabilize prices for socially important food products has been created. The established mobile unit has set maximum allowed prices for food. On a regularly basis sales outlets are visited and the observance of prices is monitored.

Libraries in Voronezh switched to the online format

Although, due to the restrictive measures that had been taken following the meeting of the regional operation headquarters under Governor Aleksandr Gusev, Voronezh libraries temporarily suspended the admission of visitors, they did not stop to work.

Libraries of the Municipal Budgetary Culture Institution “Centralized Library System” will hold online events – workshops, meetings and readings.

Shymkent provided its citizens with medical face masks

The famous Shymkent pharmaceutical company “Mega Farma” gave the population free 20,000 masks and absorbic acid for children.


Sources: The Municipalities of Moscow, Nur-Sultan, Saint Petersburg, Turkestan, Voronezh and Shymkent


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