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Krasnoyarsk Celebrates Its Birthday With A Dance Challenge

Krasnoyarsk Celebrates Its Birthday With A Dance Challenge

On June 19 the city of Krasnoyarsk is celebrating its birthday. Despite the restrictions associated with the unfavorable epidemiological situation caused by the pandemic of the COVID-19, we would like to create a friendly atmosphere, feel the unity of the Krasnoyarsk residents and our friends in other cities and countries.

We decided to launch the “Uniting Spaces” dance challenge in order to unite various spaces of the cities and countries in an online format. We invite you to join the challenge and present your city spaces in a music video.

Description of the video challenge:

In the video, it is necessary to use city landmarks (sights, beautiful landscapes, etc.) as a background for a performance accompanied by music. You can dance, do sports exercises, simply pose, etc.

One thing is essential – all movements have to continue each other, be united by a single plan. Also remember, the goal is not just to show people, but to present city spaces.

Maximum duration of the video is 45 seconds.

As for music – it is your own choice. Choose the one, that in your opinion most accurately represents your city or country.

Upload a video in social nets with the hashtags #DanceWithSiberia #DanceWithKrasnoyarsk.

Source: The Administration of the City of Krasnoyarsk


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