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Kyzyl Administration Works with Citizens via Social Nets

Kyzyl Administration Works with Citizens via Social Nets

Webmasters of the official pages of the Kyzyl City Administration in the social nets receive at least 15 messages from citizens every day (the population of the city is about 117 thousand people). Citizens send their questions and requests via personal messages or more often through write in the official group “Service of Appeals of the Municipality of Kyzyl” in the social network VKontakte.

Mostly citizens care about the problems of garbage collection, spontaneous landfills, activities of management companies, illegal sale of alcoholic beverages, improvement of courtyard areas and resettlement of citizens from emergency dilapidated housing. An important point in this work is the rapid coordination of webmasters with various structural units of the mayor’s office.

The dialogue between the administration and the citizens is essential, first of all, in order to understand the needs and concerns of the community. Webmasters try to process appeals as quickly as possible and give answers to users.

Source: The Administration of the City of Kyzyl


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