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Can artificial intelligence help cities achieve the SDGs?

Can artificial intelligence help cities achieve the SDGs?

The United Nations’ SDGs emerged as the perfect framework to promote and leverage citizen engagement, improve citizen participation and maximise social impact in cities, but it is essential to adapt these global targets to very specific and diverse local necessities.

Here is where “Citibeats”, the advanced analytics platforms based on AI created by the Spanish startup “Social Coin” comes in. “Citibeats” has launched a Local Impact Observatory that allows cities to understand local issues in depth, so that governments and organisations can adapt the SDGs global challenges to their own, specific realities.

People share their opinions about the topics that matter most to them every minute and from everywhere in the planet–in social media, citizen or customer services, etc. This creates millions of bytes of qualitative, yet unstructured, data. “Citibeats” captures, interprets, synthesizes and gives meaning to all this data, obtaining precise, actionable insights. Numerous cities are already working with the platform to improve, expand and measure their SDG initiatives.

In Catalonia, hand in hand with its government Generalitat, “Social Coin” launched another project about SDG #4 “Quality Education” to identify the educational programmes that have the highest impact and the most influential agents.

“Social Coin” has been awarded by the United Nations World Summit Awards and the European Commission as a potential solution to build more transparent and inclusive societies.

Source: Cities Today


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