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Novosibirsk “Can Help”

Novosibirsk “Can Help”

The Novosibirsk IT-developers have presented a new mobile application “Can Help”. Using this app, you can ask for help or provide it in an emergency situation, notify the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the fire brigade, the police, and the ambulance.

The “Can Help” application allows to notify relatives and emergency services if a person is in trouble; to find a missing child or adult by a photo; to help a person who suddenly became ill in a public place, people with disabilities, retirees and drivers who are in a difficult situation.

Anatoly Lokot, Mayor of Novosibirsk: “The volunteer movement in our city is well-developed. Public search teams are actively working, and Novosibirsk residents always respond with great readiness to the call to take part in search activities and assist in an emergency situation. I think that such a social application will be in demand.”

Source: The Municipality of Novosibirsk 


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