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Vologda's victory in the All-Russian competition

Vologda's victory in the All-Russian competition

On November 12, the results of the 3rd All-Russian Competition of the Best Environmental Practices "Reliable Partner – Ecology" were announced. This contest was organized as part of the "Ecology" national project by the Association "Reliable Partner" jointly with the Russian Ecological Society with the support of the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management. The project of the Vologda Administration "Development of Electric Transport" became the winner in the category "The Best Project for the Development of Infrastructure and Support of "Newenerguvehicle" and Eco-friendly Modes of Transport".

50 Russian regions took part in this competition having presented about 300 projects in 27 categories. Leaders in each category were determined based on the outcomes of online voting and expert evaluation. The compliance of the projects with the goals and objectives of the "Ecology" national project, its impact on the environmental situation within the territory, the possibility of replication in other cities and regions were assessed.

"Vologda has chosen an eco-friendly path for itself - this is the development strategy "EcoVologda" that assumes the formation of a closed-cycle economy and an ecological space for life. All municipal projects, and there are 24 of them now, are working on this task one way or the other. One of the most important is the project for the development of electric transport, because it is non-ecological transport that produces major emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and the strongest carbon footprint. As part of this project, we have brought together interested businesses, representatives of social movements, have started the construction of the infrastructure necessary for the development of electric transport, i.e. electric gas stations, with the support of regional deputies we have zeroed the transport tax for electric car owners. In addition, we are reviving electric public transport – trolleybuses. This is a lot of work that will take more than one year, and we are very glad that it has received support at the federal level. The victory in this competition is an important result for us, an incentive for further progress", said Vologda Mayor Sergey Voropanov.

The concept of "EcoVologda" includes plans for the development of a "green economy" and the introduction of ESG principles, active greening of the city and the formation of a "green framework", the development of energy efficiency and energy conservation, environmental education of citizens and so on. Thanks to this concept, it is planned that by 2030 Vologda will become one of the most environmentally friendly cities in Russia. Also, in 2021 that was declared the Year of Ecology in the regional capital, the development of the ESG environmental standard of the city has begun.


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