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Kazakhstan Agency for International Development started it's work

Kazakhstan Agency for International Development started it's work

The Kazakhstan Agency for International Development – KazAID began working in Central Asia region.

Strengthening the role of the donor country in the world arena is one of the most important goals of Kazakhstan. The establishment of this type of organization contributes to the development of international relations and to the reinforcement of the country’s position at the political, economic and social levels. Over the past 20 years, Kazakhstan has allocated more than US$ 542 million to foreign countries for purposes similar to official development assistance.

The main concept of the agency was approved on 15 December 2020. In determining the geographical priorities of official development assistance, Kazakhstan took into account global development challenges, national capacities and available resources. In a short period of time, Kazakhstan has become an international donor that cooperates with other donor countries. In this connection, the Republic of Kazakhstan has decided to give priority to systematized development assistance to the countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan.

Official development assistance is directed to the following sectors of partner countries:

  1. Agriculture and food security;

  2. Environmental protection, including global and regional environmental initiative promotion;

  3. Natural resources management;

  4. Promotion of solutions to transboundary water problems;

  5. Facilitation of border crossing procedures;

  6. Conflict prevention and security;

  7. Combating illicit drug trafficking and transnational organized crime, including trafficking in persons, illegal migration and arms trafficking;

  8. Education and science;

  9. Health care;

Grants are one type of project implementation. For example, Kazakhstan awarded a number of higher educational establishments in Afghanistan student grants up to the 2022 academic year.


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