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The professional level of municipal employees will rise

The professional level of municipal employees will rise

On its 370th meeting, the Federation Council supported the law on the target training for municipal employees.

According to Dmitry Azarov, the chairman of the Federal Council committee on federal structure, regional policy, local government and Northern affaires, “The law on the target training for municipal employees will allow to raise the level of local government staff proficiency and involve highly qualified specialists into municipal service”.

The senator noted that Committee of the Federation Council, headed by him, was responsible for the considering of the legal act in the Federation Council. He also reminded that the improvement of the municipal staff training mechanism was provided in the list of the President's instructions on the results of a meeting of the Presidential Council on Local Government Development January 31, 2013.

“The law considers the opportunities of the target training for municipal service, identifies the terms of the treaty on target training and the standards for the students, as well as the standards for the holding of the competition for entering the training” – Dmitry Azarov explained.

As a result of legislative changes, according to the parliamentarian, the quality of local government issues resolutions and the socio-economic situation of the municipalities will improve.

"It is an important step towards solving one of the major problems of local government - training of qualified personnel", - concluded the senator.

The source: The Federation Council


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