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A special atmosphere of this holiday is felt from the first minutes - the mood is set by dynamic music overlapped by applause and the sound of boards. It turns out that skaters support each other this way during stunts – by knocking boards. But there are athletes not only on skateboards, but also on BMX and MTV bikes, stunt scooters. There is enough space for everyone – Chelyabinsk skate park RCC Extreme at the Ice Arena "Tractor" has an area of 1500 sq.m.

The space is not only for extreme professionals, but for beginners as well. For novices there is a street zone, it imitates elements of urban landscape. For the pros there is an air zone where they can lay large amplitude for stunts. A 13-year-old citizen of Chelyabinsk Timofey Gorbushin told this to the press of "MK-Chelyabinsk". “I have been riding a stunt scooter for two years”, he says. “I have started with a coach, but now there is a new venue, more opportunities to train. For now I am training in a safe street zone. Believe me, I will be here often". "And why it wasn’t like that when I was a kid?" a man sighs watching the stunts of teenage scooters.

To celebrate the opening of the largest skate park in the region, the first competitions of extreme sports RCC Extreme were organized. Each discipline had a prize fund of 50,000 rubles. The spot showed skills of more than 70 athletes from all over the Urals. The youngest is only eight years old, but young Pasha Chertkov obviously does not intend to yield to anyone. And the oldest extreme sports lover Anatoly Sherstobitov in his 68 takes off on a bicycle, smashing the ramp of the illusion of quiet old age.

This ageless excitement struck Governor Alexey Texler, who came to the opening of the skate park RCC Extreme. The Head of the region talked with athletes and unexpectedly for all took a ride on the BMX bike and scooter. He sais he liked it - love for extreme sports lives in every man’s heart.

The project of the skate park was supported by the Russian Copper Company, and platforms were created by professional athletes. They considered all the nuances, turning RCC Extreme in Chelyabinsk into one of the best areas for skateboarding, riding BMX and MTB bikes, and stunt scooters. One of the curators of the project Igor Shuklin is a multiple record holder for BMX. "This is the essence of the construction of such sites, - he said. - They are designed by those who know exactly what the right "banister", "pyramids", "fanbox", "steps" and other figures should be. Now in Chelyabinsk it is possible to hold competitions of any scale. We have tried to accumulate here the most cutting-edge of what there is in Russia and even at the world level".

According to another author of the skate park project, the coach of Sverdlovsk region for the BMX freestyle team Andrey Belov, in September it is planned to hold the championship in the South Ural capital on bmx freestyle.

This project promotes youth employment and contributes to the achievement of SDG 8.6 “By 2020, substantially reduce the proportion of youth not in employment, education or training”.

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