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Kazan has Introduced Digital Permits for the Home Isolation Period

Kazan has Introduced Digital Permits for the Home Isolation Period

Since March 30, 2020, the home isolation regime has been introduced in Kazan for all citizens, irrespective of their age. It is allowed to leave the house only in order to buy products and medicine, to walk a pet, to seek emergency medical aid or in cases of imminent threat to life.

Citizens of Kazan, who must be at work, can go to work having received a specific reference letter. Observance of the home isolation rules will prevent the large-scale spread of the coronavirus infection.

However, there are special cases in our lives when there is a need to leave the house. For this, the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan has developed the service of digital permits.

In order to get a permit to go outside during the self-isolation period in Tatarstan, it is necessary to register in the home isolation service by sending a free SMS to a short number. Further, one receives an instruction on his phone, according to which he needs to send his data and a location address. In return, one gets an SMS with a unique registration code. This code will identify you and your place of residence for the self-isolation period.

If you need to leave your place of residence, it is necessary to send an SMS indicating one of the nine provided aims to the same number. These are visiting the court, transportation of minors to (from) educational institutions, visiting medical or veterinary organizations, participation in a funeral, renewal of a passport, going to or leaving the countryside, visiting credit organizations and post offices, delivery of medicine, products and basic necessities, as well as changing the place of residence. After the request is processed, in case of approval, a unique permit code and its validity period are sent in response to the SMS.

In the street or in public place staffers of supervisory bodies can ask a registration code of the self-isolation place or the place of work or to compare this code with their actual location.



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