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The Draft Law on Protection of Green Spaces

The Draft Law on Protection of Green Spaces

Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev submitted a draft law on the protection of green spaces for consideration by deputies of the Legislative Assembly. This draft law will limit logging and create conditions for landscaping the city.

As the Head of Sevastopol noted, the cutting down of green spaces is one of the most acute topics that Sevastopol citizens are concerned about. "Firstly, the draft law regulates the issues of green spaces conservation. Secondly, it restricts chaotic logging. Thirdly, the bill provides an inventory of green spaces, and also creates conditions for planning the landscaping in the future", Mikhail Razvozhaev said.

The draft law improves the mechanism for issuing a logging ticket, as well as compensatory landscaping. It specifies in detail who and how is engaged in the direct planting and further care for young trees or pays the compensatory cost of green spaces.

"It is important that this project implies a broad public discussion of issues important for the city, for example, the formation of new green spaces. I.e., the projects will be presented on the Internet and subsequently discussed with residents. The draft also stipulates that the maintenance of the register of logging tickets is publicly available and open", Mikhail Razvozhaev added.

The "Green Fund" portal has already been functioning in Sevastopol. It is an open resource that allows to track in real time which time tickets have been issued, how much money has been received by the city budget for compensation for the cost of green spaces, where compensatory planting of greenery is taking place.

During the discussion of the document, the deputies noted that such a law could not have been adopted in Sevastopol for seven years. Chairman of the Legislative Assembly Vladimir Nemtsev stressed that the draft law is a huge step towards protecting green spaces in the city. "This is really a very important law. We were waiting for it - this is the formation of the green shield of the city. The most important thing is that compensatory planting of greenery is envisaged, and all events will take place with the direct participation of the public", Vladimir Nemtsev said.

The draft law "On the Protection of Green Spaces in the City of Sevastopol" was adopted by the Legislative Assembly in the first reading.


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