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The opinion of the Mayor of N.Novgorod Oleg Kondrashov on transport of the future

— Mr. Oleg Kondrashov, what do you think is the transport of future and what are the prospects of its development in Nizhny Novgorod?

— Currently the most future-oriented urban transport is electric transport. It is of particular importance for city because its functioning does not have anything to do with air pollution. According to the General plan of Development of the city of Nizhny Novgorod by 2030, approved by the City Duma on March 17, 2010, metro lines and autonomous trams will be developing.

The advantage of trams over other means of transport under existing conditions may be obvious in case of their isolation from the movement of trackless vehicles. The analysis shows that about one-third of tram lines are laid in the middle of roads and they allow vehicular traffic. The remaining lines are situated either on the side of the main road or on the lays of line which have no vehicular traffic. In case of combining these areas through building of the necessary structures in a fully independent lines a rail transport system called rapid transit could be obtained.

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