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The opinion of the Mayor of Kirov Vladimir Bykov on transport of the future

Mr. Vladimir Bykov, what is the transport of future in your opinion?

— If we talk about the transport of the city of Kirov, which is not a million-city, the transport of future for us is undoubtedly the nonpolluting one. That would be trolley buses and electric trains.

The priority in development of passenger transport in our city is placed on capacious motive powers, especially electrified ones. They in a less degree depend on the kind of used fuel and are more ecologically secure.  If we talk about means of transport working on conventional kinds of fuel, I believe it is time to introduce transport working on natural gas. The development of transport working on this kind of fuel is a part of passenger transport development project.

— Mr. Vladimir Bykov, what are the chances that electric vehicles will develop in Kirov?

— The key advantage of electric cars comparing to other vehicles is their environmental friendliness. Other advantages are low running expenses, simple design and low risk of fire in case of accidents. In addition, electric vehicles are less noisy. They have some disadvantages too. They are their cost, the major part of which is the cost of battery (accumulator), and utilization of batteries which often contain hazardous components. Moreover, to develop this kind of transport in the city, it is necessary to provide area for electric stations. The mentioned factors can prevent development of electric vehicles in the city of Kirov since household income here is much lower than in the capital.  I cannot say there is no possibility of development of electric vehicles in our city in the long term though.

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