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The opinion of Acting Mayor of the city of Krasnoyarsk Edkham S.Akbulatov on transport of the future

Mr. Edkham Akbulatov, what do you think is the transport of future?

For any metropolitan city the question of transport service is one of the most important ones. In terms of urban development, construction of new districts, population growth, increase in the amount of vehicles and environmental degradation there is an urgent need to introduce modern, even innovative means of transport.

In order to suppress the increase in the number of vehicles in city streets comfortable means of passenger transport should be introduced as an alternative to personal vehicles. At the same time increasing the speed of communication on the routes of passenger traffic becomes an important problem. To solve it, it is necessary to introduce high-speed means of transport, one of which could be express trams, which will fundamentally solve the problem of quality of urban transport services in the context of increasing number of passengers and cargo flows. As a result the problem of traffic jams in city streets will be solved.

This means of transport has the following advantages:

- This is the only form of land transport, which is technically able to provide service of large passenger flows;

- It has the best performance on a set of characteristics such as cost - comfort - safety - environmental friendliness.

Tram lines are mostly situated on the surface but are usually isolated from the automobile and pedestrian traffic, what helps avoid “traffic jams”, increase technical speed and safety. Intersections with major urban traffic arteries are situated at different levels to ensure fluidity, and intersections with minor streets are at the same level as traffic signalization with an absolute priority of the tram.

The consumer appeal of a tram approaches the subway whereas it has much lower capital expenditure requirements.

Mr. Edkham Akbulatov, what are the chances of development of electric cars in Krasnoyarsk?

Electric vehicles have not been introduced to the streets of big cities yet. I believe that the development of electric cars in cities can only be possible if there is the necessary infrastructure (a network of special fuel stations, maintenance) and an affordable price.

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