Eurasia Regional Section of the World organization "United Cities and Local Governments"


Bringing together mayors and local councillors across the world, United Cities and Local Governments is a truly global organization with a democratic structure.

UCLG can represent all local governments large (including metropolies with population over 1 million) as well as small.

127 of the 191 UN members states, in seven world regions, are UCLG members
60 countries
Today local government associations in 60 countries and over 1000 cities across 95 countries are direct members of UCLG.

105 cities, unions and associations are the members
of Euro-Asia section of UCLG

Superior authority of Euro-Asia section UCLG is General Assembly, which is held once in three years.

Permanent is the Council of Euro-Asia section.
The Presidentof Euro-Asia section is the head of the Council.
The Council and the President are elected by the General Assembly for a term of three years.

Executive body of Euro-Asia section is Secretariat of Euro-Asia section, which leads the operating activities of Euro-Asia section.
Head of secretariat - Secretary general is approved by the Council of Euro-Asia section for a term of three years at the suggestion of the President of Euro-Asia section.

UCLG Structure


Euro-Asia Section of UCLG