Eurasia Regional Section of the World organization "United Cities and Local Governments"



World Water Day

On the occasion of the World Water Day, UCLG reaffirm that access to water is a fundamental right everywhere, not a commodity.  Local and reg...

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UCLG-Eurasia Vice-President Became a Member of the Council of Europe

Alena Gubanova, Mayor of Astrakhan, Vice-President of UCLG-Eurasia became the new official representative of the Russian Federation in the Chamber ...

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The Seville Commitment: putting "Local Action" in the center of the global development agenda

From the 25th to 27th of February a high level international meeting was held in Seville (Spain) to discuss the localization of the Sustainable De...

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UCLG Executive Bureau: Towards Montevideo

The UCLG Executive Bureau will take place at the headquarters of Mercosur during one single day, on 6 April, at the kind invitation of the Mayor of...

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On February 26-27, 2019 in the Turkish city of Istanbul UCLG-MEWA Retreat participated by the staff, members and partners of the section took plac...

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Cities’ International Activities will be Known

The Secretariat of UCLG-Eurasia, led by Rasikh Sagitov, Secretary-General, held a session to discuss the Research and Rating of Cities’ Internation...

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UCLG Retreat&Campus: Plans for 2019

UCLG staff, members and partners gathered in Barcelona on February 11-15 for the annual Retreat & Campus to discuss further plans of the organ...

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Buenos Aires is the Cultural Capital of the World

III UCLG Culture Summit will be held in a plural, diverse, vibrant, welcoming city, Buenos Aires (Argentina) on 3-5 April 2018. The UCL...

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Secretary General of UCLG has Visited Kazan

On Monday, 28 January, 2019, Emilia Saiz, Secretary General of UCLG, visited the city of Kazan. First of all, Emilia Saiz went to the Secretariat o...

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“We are in Big Trouble with Climate Change”

Local and regional governments from all over the world join efforts to combat climate change. On December 3-14, 2018 the city of Katowice (Poland) ...

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Resilient Heritage and Tourism In Climate Change

IX International Conference of Eurasia World Heritage Cities will take place under the theme “Resilient Heritage and Tourism” in the city of Denpa...

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Urban Health – Responsibility of Local Governments

UCLG-Eurasia calls to pay attention to urban health. In the frameworks of the UCLG World Council in Madrid on 5 November, 2018, Evgenia Lodvigova, ...

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€20.000 for Contribution to Peace: UCLG Calls for Peace Prize

The Prize encourages innovative peacebuilding initiatives of local governments and is free from any political partisanship and it is not aimed at ...

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Cities for Housing: Join The Call

UCLG members are invited to join the Declaration and take part in the Community of Practice on Housing. Dear members,  Our constitue...

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The UCLG World Council: Plans for 2019

On 5-8 November, 2018, the city of Madrid hosted the UCLG World Council and the Executive Bureau in the framework of the 2nd World Forum on Urban ...

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Urban 20 Summit: Outcomes

In Buenos Aires, 35 Mayors and city representatives gathered at the Urban 20 Summit (U20) at the invitation of Mayor Horacio Larreta on 29 and 30 O...

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The Award Ceremony UCLG – Mexico City – Culture 21 Took Place

On 18 October 2018, the award ceremony of the 3rd edition of the International Award UCLG - Mexico City - Culture 21 took place. Co-organized by UC...

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Astrakhan hosted the International Forum of Women's Entrepreneurship

On 22 October, 2018, the UCLG-Eurasia member, the city of Astrakhan hosted the International Forum of Women's Entrepreneurship “Astrakhan – Azerbai...

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World Cities Day 2018

The United Nations has designated every 31st October as World Cities Day. The day is expected to greatly promote the international community’s inte...

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“Wonderful Eurasia”: Cultural Heritage Through the Eyes of the Youth

The international video contest “Wonderful Eurasia” which was organized by Eurasian section of UCLG with the organizational support of the OWHC Re...

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