Eurasia Regional Section of the World organization "United Cities and Local Governments"



The representative of Osh spoke at the UN Forum

В городе Катовице (Польша) с 26 по 30 июня 2022 года прошла 11-я сессия Всемирного форума городов (WUF 11). Это масштабное мероприятие, органи...

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Results of the Executive Bureau 2022

С 13 по 15 июня в Севилье в гибридном формате прошли заседания Исполнительного бюро Всемирной организации «Объединенные города и местные власти» в...

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5th UCLG Culture Summit: call for the host city

The Culture Summit has become a major event for UCLG. After the success of the Summits previously held (Bilbao in 2015; Jeju in 2017; Buenos Aires in ...

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В эти дни проходят заседания Исполнительного бюро. Сегодня, 14 июня, пройдет уставное заседание Исполнительного бюро на платформе Zoom. Участники ...

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Secretary General of UCLG-Eurasia Took Part in the All-Russian Conference on Language Policy

On June 3, 2022, the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Language Policy in Russia: Levels, Practices, Expert and Analytical Mechanis...

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The International Forum in Khabarovsk

On May 26, 2022, Khabarovsk hosted the International Forum “A Megacity 21st Century – Digitalization of the Municipal Management: Practice of De...

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The workshop for the Union of Local Self-Governments of the Kyrgyz Republic

On Friday, 20 May 2022, the workshop on the SDGs for staffers of the Union of Local Self-Governments of the Kyrgyz Republic took place. This event...

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Bishkek: Training, Training and Once Again Training!

Learning workshops on localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) took place within three days from 18 to 20 May 2022 in the city of B...

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World Assambly - 2022

On the occasion of the High-level Meeting on the review and follow up of the New Urban Agenda convened by H.E. the President of the United Natio...

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ОГМВ-Евразия и Республика Казахстан укрепляют сотрудничество

On May 4, Secretary General of the Eurasia section of UCLG Rasikh Sagitov visited the city of Nur-Sultan (Republic of Kazakhstan), where he met wi...

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Rasikh Sagitov was awarded a badge of honor

28-29 апреля Генеральный секретарь Евразийского отделения ОГМВ Расих Сагитов в рамках рабочего визита посетил Республику Саха (Якутия), где встрет...

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Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

Global platform for Disaster Risk Reduction is a global multilateral forum, where the focus is on disaster risk reduction and building resilience o...

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Rasikh Sagitov visited the Kyrgyz Republic

From 11 to 13 April the Secretary General of UCLG Eurasia Rasikh Sagitov paid a working visit to Bishkek (the Kyrgyz Republic), where he met with ...

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Join the campaign to increase the Making Cities Resilient 2030

Making Cities Resilient 2030 (MCR2030) is a unique cross-stakeholder initiative for improving local resilience through advocacy, sharing knowledge...

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Positive email experience

Today we want to share a positive experience in the everyday work of the UCLG Eurasia members. Every day local and regional authorities, or...

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Become a candidate for the Presidency of the UCLG

The World Organization "United Cities and Local Governments" announces the start of accepting applications for the posts of President, co-presiden...

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The 5th UCLG International Prize - Mexico City – Culture 21 has started!

This year the International Jury will recognize cities and personalities who have excelled in the promotion of cultural rights in the context of th...

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Call for local action for migrants and refugees

In 2018, National Governments endorsed the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) and the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR). T...

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Annual Retreat 2022

Annual training event - UCLG Retreat was held in Barcelona, Spain, from 21 to 25 February 2022. More than 190 offline and more than 200 online par...

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The second day of the UCLG-MEWA Retreat

Yesterday, on February 16, the second day of the UCLG MEWA Retreat came to an end. During thematic sessions of this event, international and regio...

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