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#UN75 Declaration

#UN75 Declaration

From 15 to 30 September, 2020, at headquarters of the United Nations in New-York (USA) the General Assembly took place. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most sessions as many interventions of leaders of countries were online.

UN members have adopted the declaration dedicated to the organization’s 75th anniversary. In addition to traditional points, the document addresses the issue of the coronavirus pandemic, from which states agreed to learn lessons to take them into account in case of future possible crises.

“We will be prepared. The COVID-19 pandemic caught us off-guard. It has served as a wake-up call for improving our preparedness for not only health related crises, but also other challenges and crises”, it is mentioned in the text of the declaration on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations.

Signatories to the Declaration undertake to modernize UN so that the organization would be more in line with today’s realities. Besides, they agreed to develop cooperation in the field of digitalization. The document states the need to protect the planet and protect human rights.

#UN75 Declaration


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