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Positive email experience

Positive email experience

Today we want to share a positive experience in the everyday work of the UCLG Eurasia members.

Every day local and regional authorities, organisations and companies send e-mails to one another. It is not always clear if the e-letter came to the addressee and whom you should contact for the further interaction on this e-letter. Search for the executor of the e-letter and acknowledgement of receipt is a particular difficulty for foreigners.

What can be done then?

The city hall of Bishkek uses a good practice. They send a notification for every e-letter they receive that the e-letter has been received and transferred for the registration to a particular officer with their phone number.


1 – Bishkek city hall, 16 March, 13:44

Bishkek city hall has received your e-mail that has been delivered to the city hall e-mail address. It was directed for the registration to the acting officer of the department of documentary maintenance and control of the city hall central office Ivanova S. S. Contact number 999 888 777

Best regards,

Bishkek city hall

In further work there will be no problems with contacting the city hall on the subject.

In its turn, the Comrat municipal council in response to every delivered letter sends an acknowledgement of the receipt.


2 – Primaria Comrat, 15 March, 21:45

Thank you, your letter has been received.

Also this practice can be used when:

- this letter was redirected for another officer;

- the message has been received and it is possible to point the time frame for responding etc.

The most recommended variant is a respond containing the incoming number and the contact information of the executor of this letter. For example,

Good day! Your letter has been accepted. Incoming №23 from 03.03.22. In the near future we will consider it and will definitely give an answer.

Sincerely, Ivan Ivanov.

Contact phone number — +7 999 888 777


To accompany the response with English translation.

Advantages of a response to an incoming letter:

·        Sender would be always sure that their message was delivered to the recipient mailbox;

·        The process of search for the officer appointed for the preparation for the response to the letter is being simplified.

·        Auto-answer e-mail can notify a sender that the recipient cannot answer any time soon for one reason or another;

·        The notification can contain other important information.

Thus, an acknowledgement of receipt of the letter sent in a timely manner simplifies communication and contributes to establishing contacts.



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