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World Water Day

World Water Day

On the occasion of the World Water Day, UCLG reaffirm that access to water is a fundamental right everywhere, not a commodity.  Local and regional governments play a key role in ensuring access to water in a world where almost half the population lives in urban areas.

Most local and regional authorities are responsible for water distribution and sanitation for the population they serve, and also manage many water-related issues in a broader sense, such as environmental management, access to energy and food, resistance to climate change and natural disasters, public health problems, etc.

Water and sanitation are essential services for a decent quality of life. The right to water is essential for good governance, public health and sustainable development.

The achievement of the SDG 6 requires the constant and continuous effort of all to ensure that access to water is definitively recognized as a human right.

#Local4Water #WorldWaterDay


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