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New Cities with a Population of More Than 1 Million People Have Appeared in Russia

New Cities with a Population of More Than 1 Million People Have Appeared in Russia

According to the preliminary results of the 2021 All-Russian Population Census, four new cities with a population over 1 million people have appeared in Russia. These are Voronezh, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk and Perm.

The growth of the population of Voronezh can be explained by the availability of jobs in industrial enterprises, as well as programs on resettlement of compatriots, attracting migrants and accommodation provision. Besides, climate in Voronezh is also appealing for settlers. In addition, the joining of several villages and settlements of the nearest suburb has also had an impact on the population of Voronezh.

Krasnodar has started to actively develop due to hosting the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014. Many people have come to this tourist cluster to engage in construction and services industry, and this has given a boost to the development.

The inclusion of Perm in the list of cities with a million-population is stipulated by its industrial development, and Krasnoyarsk – by the fact that it is a large student city. A total of one quarter of the population of Russia – 35,7 million people – live in cities with a population over 1 million people.

In general, compared to 2010, the population in Russia has increased by 1,4% (2,05 million people). In 28 out of 85 Russian regions the population has gone up, but it has decreased in other regions. The growth of the population has occurred due to the migration increase against the background of natural population decline (the number of deceased exceeds the number of the born) almost throughout the whole inter-census period. In Russia, the urbanization process has continued: 75% of citizens live in urban settlements, and 25% – in the rural ones.

Moscow (+10,8%), Moscow Region (+24,4%), Saint Petersburg (+14,8%), Leningrad Region (+16,5%) and Krasnodar Region (+11,7%) have shown the highest increase. Sevastopol has the most significant growth. There the number of citizens has risen by 40%. The population has diminished in many regions of Far Eastern, Central, Northwestern and Volga federal districts.


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