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The Nur-Sultan Leadership Towards the SDG 1

The Nur-Sultan Leadership Towards the SDG 1

The Nur-Sultan leadership is actively implementing the SDG 1 “No Poverty”. In 2019, in the capital, it is planned to provide about 159 thousand people with comprehensive social support measures, including 14,929 large families and 41,184 low-income families.

An effective support measure is the provision of social assistance within the framework of the Universal Education Fund and the traditional campaign “Road to School”. Thanks to the comprehensive education program, 12.8 thousand certificates in the amount of 30 thousand tenge each have been awarded for the purchase of a school uniform for students. The total amount of issued certificates have accounted for 384 million tenge. As part of the “Road to School” charity event, 6,042 children have been reached through sponsorship funds for more than 77 million tenge.

Active measures are being taken to provide housing assistance to those in need. The housing program “Bakytty Otbasy” is very popular among citizens. As part of this program, 2,365 directions for obtaining soft loans at 2% per annum for the purchase of an apartment have already been issued.

Another instrument of state support of citizens is to reduce the debt burden, in which 22 544 people will write off debts in the amount of 6.7 billion tenge. With regard to measures taken in the healthcare sector, 7.2 billion tenge have been allocated to free medical care within the framework of the guaranteed volume of medical care for patients who are on follow-up, including socially vulnerable segments of the population in the capital.

The source: The Municipality of the City of Nur-Sultan


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