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All-Russian Urban Improvement Program

All-Russian Urban Improvement Program

VEB.RF State Corporation has developed an ambitious program, aimed at the quality changes of urban environment, “Five steps for the cities”. It is aimed at positive and rapid transformations in the cities, which every family will see. Every city in the country can participate in the project. Applications are open until 30 April 2022.

VEB.RF is a national institute of development, promoting realisation of the state socio-economic policy, increasing competitiveness of the national economy, and its modernisation.

Russian Ministry of Construction supports the realisation of the programs, aimed at qualitative transformation of the cities, increasing their comfort and safety. The events of the VEB.RF program will help to obtain tangible results in landscaping which are noticeable for the residents. At the same time the Program can be synchronized with the federal project “Creating a comfortable urban environment”, - the Minister of the Construction and HCS of the RF Irek Fayzullin said.

VEB.RF conducted a sociological study on the investigation of values, demands, and everyday practices of youth using urban environment and services. Besides, project initiatives of 100 largest cities management teams, graduated from the MSM in Skolkovo with the degree of Master of Public Administration were analysed.

The findings of the conducted work helped to reveal that the main demands of youth are focused not just on the problems of comfortable urban environment and ecology, but also on specific daily domestic things.

Thus, “Five Steps for the Cities” involves:

Step 1. “The near city” – creating of comfortable environment and functional diversity close to home. (For example, improvement of entrances of residential buildings, clean shop windows, pocket parks, covered bus stations, dog runs).

Step 2. “Save the planet” – building resilience to the processes, linked to the climate change. (For example, separate waste collection points, installation of reverse-vending machines in schools, cleaning of rivers banks and ponds, creating of eco-tracks).

Step 3. “Breathe life” – enhancing of opportunities for using urban space. (For example, empty space arrangement in yards, “tactical urbanism” – gardens on parking, street libraries, establishing of district youth centres).

Step 4. “Add some energy” – creating conditions for development of a healthy lifestyle. (For example, farmers markets organisation, inclusive activity areas, cycling infrastructure, service stations in parks, inclusive sports grounds);

Step 5. “Gather your people” – a city giving opportunities for creativity and full of bright events. (For example, city tours, quests, youth involvement in city events, festivals, contests).

To learn more and apply:

It should be noted, that earlier such a program was implemented in all the mono-cities of the country. Around 1200 projects have appeared in mono-cities under the program “5 steps of landscaping”, and 50 of them got into the collection of the best ones.




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