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A large-scale project has been launched in Novosibirsk

A large-scale project has been launched in Novosibirsk

The Russian brewing company AB InBev Efes (the company's plant operates in Novosibirsk), the manufacturer of glass containers LLC Siberian Glass (part of RATM Holding) and the Government of Novosibirsk Region signed a a tripartite agreement on the development of a joint project to collect and process glass.

Oraz Durdyev, Director of Legal Affairs and Corporate Relations at AB InBev Efes, explained that the brewing company and Sibsteklo had been testing a pilot project for the collection and processing of glass in the HoReCa segment in Novosibirsk for about six months. To date, more than 130 catering establishments have joined this project, over 200 tons of cullet have been collected. After processing, Sibsteklo makes a new glass bottle from this raw material. This project fits into the Sustainable Development Strategy of AB InBev Efes and corresponds to the four Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) chosen by the company: green packaging, efficient agriculture, fighting climate change and careful attitude to water.

"Within the framework of the UN global SDGs goals, our company has committed to increase the use of recycled packaging to 100% by 2025. In Russia, we are also working on reducing the weight of glass packaging. This has allowed us to reduce the use of primary raw materials by 2.8 thousand tons per year. In addition, when transporting a lightweight bottle, CO2 emissions from transport companies are reduced", said Oraz Durdyev, Director of Corporate Relations and Legal Affairs at AB InBev Efes.

The main objectives of AB InBev Efes with the Siberian Glass are the development of infrastructure for collecting glass, reduction of the weight of the manufactured production, increase in the share of secondary raw materials in the products, as well as the development of a system informing businesses and citizens about the importance of collecting glass packaging.

Among the strategic goals of the joint project, the CEO of Siberian Glass attributed the achievement of competitive advantages due to the return of glass to circulation, the introduction of the principles of rational consumption of natural resources, as well as the reduction of the carbon footprint of the enterprise.

As part of the agreements reached between AB InBev Efes and Siberian Glass, the companies plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 7.5% and reduce energy consumption by more than 3.5% by the end of 2024. In addition, the partners will develop a lightweight beer bottle that will allow AB InBev Efes to significantly reduce the use of glass. Today, the Siberian Glass has 7 lines for the production of lightweight containers weighing 260 grams. In November, thanks to new design solutions, the company released an experimental batch of bottles weighing 235 grams. Now it is being tested by AB InBev Efes.


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