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A welcome address by Ilsur Metshin, President of the International Association “United Cities and Local Governments of Eurasia”

Dear friends!

This year, UCLG is celebrating its anniversary. Twenty years ago the International Union of Local Authorities, the World Federation of United Towns and Cities and Metropolis merged into a single World Organization “United Cities and Local Governments” (UCLG). At the same time, the International Association “United Cities and Local Governments of Eurasia” (UCLG-Eurasia) was established to represent interests of the Eurasia region within UCLG.

Despite the differences in language, customs and traditions, Eurasia cities from Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Belarus, and Mongolia are united by their desire to develop, preserve and pass on their unique history, as well as the ability to engage in dialogue and learn from each other.

During its existence, UCLG-Eurasia has become a platform for the development of international cooperation of municipalities and protection of local governments’ interests on the world stage. Every year, we expand our activities, implement successful projects, accumulate experience, establish new contacts and share best practices. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, actively introducing innovations inspire us and stimulate us to make responsible decisions. We are a strong united voice on the global stage, we are heard and listened to.

The time spent together has been filled with challenges and joys, achievements and lessons learned. The last two decades have been a period of significant technological advances and global transformation. The impact of the Internet, mobile technology, artificial intelligence, urbanization and climate change is felt everywhere and continues to transform our world.

We have been able to go this far thanks to our persistence, dedication and commitment to development. We have done a lot over the past 20 years: we have strengthened ties between the members of the association, implemented successful projects, supported each other in difficult moments. UCLG-Eurasia has become not just an association of people with common goals, but a real family where each member is important and valuable.

There are tremendous plans ahead! May our association continue to grow and develop, may each of us bring our contribution to the common endeavor. Thank you for your trust and support. Together we can overcome any obstacles and achieve new heights!


Geography of UCLG
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UCLG represents 5 billion people across the world, 70% of the world’s total population. The network extends to every corner of the globe and covers over 240.000 towns, cities, regions and metropolises and over 175 associations of local and regional governments in 140 countries.

North America Section
24 709 000 sq km
565 265 000 people
UCLG World Secretariat
Europe Section
10 180 000 sq km
742 452 000 people
Eurasia Section
23 018 674 sq km
249 000 000 people
Latin America Section
19 197 000 sq km
588 019 500 people
Africa Section
30 221 32 sq km
1 100 000 000 people
Middle East
and West Asia Section
5 000 000 sq km
175 000 000 people
Asia-Pacific Section
28 832 375 sq km
3 780 173 000 people

Geography of UCLG-EURASIA

The headquarter of UCLG-Eurasia

Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia)


23 018 674SQ.KM


249 000 000people

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