Eurasia Regional Section of the World organization "United Cities and Local Governments"



Bishkek and Kazan Are Members of the UCLG Standing Committee on Gender Equality

A session of the UCLG Standing Committee on Gender Equality was held on September 27 under the chair of Fatimatou Abdel Malik, President of Nouakc...

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Bishkek and Astana Addressed from the UN Rostrum

The SDG 2023 Summit that started in New York (USA) as part of the High-level Week of the UN General Assembly on September 16 comes to an end t...

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The United Cities Forum in Kazan

The United Cities Forum, organized by UCLG-Eurasia in cooperation with the Municipality of Kazan, started on September 7 in Kazan as part of the i...

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UCLG-Eurasia Invites to the Meeting in Konya!

On October 25-28, 2023, the city of Konya (Türkiye) will host the UCLG World Council. This is a principal policy-making body of the World Organiza...

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Rasikh Sagitov Made Working Trips to Russian Cities

Rasikh Sagitov, Secretary General of UCLG-Eurasia, made working trips to a number of Russian cities: Veliky Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Cheboksary and...

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Local Governments and the SDGs. A Learning Workshop in Kyzyl

On August 2, 2023, the learning workshop dedicated to the theme “Local Governments and the SDGs” and organized by UCLG-Eurasia with the support of...

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The Workshop on the SDGs for Local Governments of Tyva

On August 1, 2023, the city of Kyzyl, the capital of the Republic of Tyva (Russia), hosted the workshop dedicated to the topic “Local Governments ...

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U20 Mayors’ Summit in India

The Urban 20 (U20) Mayors’ Summit took place in Gandhinagar (India) from July 7-8, 2023. The event was held in the framework of the G20, chaired b...

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Outcomes of the UCLG Executive Bureau 2023

The meetings of the Executive Bureau of the World organization “United Cities and Local Governments” were held from May 13 to 15 in Brussels (Belg...

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The Second Day of the Eurasia Retreat

Learning sessions of the Eurasia Retreat “Eurasia Cities and Global Trends” continued on May 26. The program of the second day included three them...

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Outcomes of the First Day of the Retreat “Eurasia Cities and Global Trends”

The first day of the Eurasia Retreat “Eurasia Cities and Global Trends” took place on Thursday, May 25, in Kazan. The main priorities of the Retre...

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World Sister Cities Day

Every year, since 1962, on the last Sunday of April, on the initiative of the World Sister Cities Federation, the world has been celebrating World...

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Ilsur Metshin Told Vladimir Putin About International Cooperation in the Framework of UCLG-Eurasia

Yesterday, on April 20, a meeting of the Presidential Council for Local Self-Government Development was held via a videoconference. Ilsur Metshin,...

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Congratulations on Local Government Day!

April 21 is Local Self-Government Day in Russia. This date was not chosen by chance - on this day (according to the old style) in 1785, the Charte...

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Eurasia Cities and Global Trends

The long-awaited event, the training “Eurasia Cities and Global Trends” will be held on May 25-27, 2023. The event will be hosted by the headquart...

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Eurasia Cities Achieve Gender Equality

In March 2023, UCLG-Eurasia conducted a survey of women’s representation in Eurasia local governments to celebrate International Women’s Day. The ...

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Secretary General of UCLG-Eurasia Visited Astana

Rasikh Sagitov, Secretary General of Eurasia Regional Section of UCLG paid a working visit to the Republic of Kazakhstan at the beginning of April,...

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Seminar on Localizing the SDGs in Khujand

On April 6, 2023, the city of Khujand hosted a learning seminar dedicated to the theme “Local Governments and the SDGs”. The event was organized b...

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The 2030 Agenda Was Studied in Dushanbe

UCLG-Eurasia together with the Executive body of the state authority of Dushanbe (the municipality of Dushanbe) organized a seminar on the Sustain...

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Osh Is Participating in the UN Water Forum

The UN Water Conference 2023 is taking place at the UN Headquarters in New York on March 22-24. UCLG-Eurasia is represented at the Conference by B...

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