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Казань – в списке международной премии Гуанчжоу

Kazan Is on the List of the Guangzhou Award

Казань – в списке международной премии Гуанчжоу

Kazan has been included in the list of the top 15 cities claiming to win the Guangzhou International Urban Innovation Award.

This joint initiative between the World organization “United Cities and Local Governments” (UCLG) and the city of Guangzhou aims to recognize innovations in improving the social, economic and environmental sustainable development of cities and regions and promote prosperity and quality of life for their residents.

The “Small Chaikovoye Lake” park is competing for the Award from the city. This initiative has been developed with the aim of creating a unique multi-purpose public park next to the hospital, which can be used for wellness, rest and relaxation. The park was inaugurated on August 30, 2021. During the landscaping, convenient pedestrian paths were created around the lake. The park includes sports grounds with special equipment, areas for terrencourt (physical, therapeutic exercises in the format of walking), phytotherapy, art therapy, aeroionotherapy, a playground for kids. There is also a so-called “media pier” (a pier equipped with speakers, a projector and a screen in order to conduct various workshops, seminars).

It should be noted that 274 projects from 193 cities in 54 countries have been presented at the first stage of the contest. Eurasia cities also have taken part in the initiative, and Kazan has been shortlisted for the contest. The list of winners will be announced in December. You can support Kazan by voting until November 30 by clicking the link.

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