Eurasia Regional Section of the World organization "United Cities and Local Governments"



Global Guiding Elements for Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs) of SDG Implementation

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs developed recommendations related to the preparation of Voluntary Local Reviews, which are reports on the local governments’ implementation of the Sustainable Developments Goals. Besides, these reviews are an opportunity...


V Global Report on Local Democracy and Decentralization. The chapter on Eurasia region.

This report was developed by the Global Observatory on Local Democracy and Decentralization and the United Cities and Local Governments World Organization. This edition is part of the V Global Report and is dedicated to activities of local and regional governments aimed at achievi...


Research on Municipalities' International Activity

The analytical part of the Research on Cities’ International Activity that includes the analysis of the municipalities’ work on different areas of international activity and recommendations for their improvement has been prepared. As a reminder, the Research on Cities’ I...


The UCLG Rome Charter 2020 on Culture

The UCLG Rome Charter 2020 on Cultural Rights is aimed at promoting the realization of the right to full free participation in cities cultural life. The text of the Charter was drawn up in consultation with the participation of mayors, international experts and cultural experts fro...


UCLG Decalogue for the Post COVID-19 Era

The statement of local and regional governments for the post COVID-19 era.


Report on the vision of Eurasia local and regional governments of the future in 2045

The Report was prepared on the results of the consultations with local and regional governments of Eurasia, as well as with their associations. 


Declaration of Cities Coalition for Digital Rights

The internet has become inseparable from our daily lives. This Declaration is aimed at eliminating impediments to harnessing technological opportunities and to universal providing trustworthy and secure digital services.


IX Internationla Conference of Eurasia World heritage Cities

The conference took place from April 29 to May 2, 2019 in the city of Denpasar (Indonesia) under the theme “Resilient Heritage and Tourism”. The participants were the representatives of Russia, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Canada, U...


Culture in the SDGs

This guide was written in the framework of the implementation of the Agenda 21 for culture and Culture 21 Actions, and it contributes to the activities of the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments.


Right to Housing

UCLG members are invited to join the Declaration and take part in the Community of Practice on Housing.


UCLG Consultation Mechanisms

В документе описаны основные виды консультационных органов ОГМВ и принципы их работы.


Recommendations of the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders Adopted in Mexico City 20 November 2010

Recommendations of the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders Adopted in Mexico City 20 November 2010 We, the mayors and representatives of the world’s cities and local and regional governments, coming together in Mexico City from every continent, have discussed the crises, ch...


Second global report on local democracy and decentralization

Second global report on local democracy and decentralization GOLD II "Local Government Finance: challenges of 21st century"


The city of 2030 - Our Manifesto

Adopted in Mexico City, 20 November 2010 We have met here in Mexico City at a time when local and regional governments across the world face severe challenges and crises. Nonetheless we have a clear responsibility to look ahead and create the conditions for a better future for all...


First Global Report on Decentralization and Local Democracy

It is our great pleasure to present the “First Global Report on Decentralization and Local Democracy”. We hope this report, which is the first of its kind, will help broaden and deepen knowledge about the current role of local governments and enrich national and international discussi...