Eurasia Regional Section of the World organization "United Cities and Local Governments"


Bringing together mayors and local councillors across the world, United Cities and Local Governments is a truly global organization with a democratic structure.

UCLG can represent all local governments large (including metropolies with population over 1 million) as well as small.

141 of the 191 UN members states, in seven world regions, are UCLG members

more than 120 cities, unions and associations are the members
of Euro-Asia section of UCLG

Superior authority of Euro-Asia section UCLG is General Assembly, which is held once in three years.

Permanent is the Council of Euro-Asia section.
The Presidentof Euro-Asia section is the head of the Council.
The Council and the President are elected by the General Assembly for a term of three years.

Executive body of Euro-Asia section is Secretariat of Euro-Asia section, which leads the operating activities of Euro-Asia section.
Head of secretariat - Secretary general is approved by the Council of Euro-Asia section for a term of three years at the suggestion of the President of Euro-Asia section.