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Тренинг по устойчивому развитию в Улан-Удэ

Seminar on Sustainable Development in Ulan-Ude

Тренинг по устойчивому развитию в Улан-Удэ

On September 12, 2023, the city of Ulan-Ude (the Republic of Buryatia, Russia) hosted the learning seminar dedicated to the theme “Local Governments and the Sustainable Development Goals” for staffers of the municipality. The participants represented departments responsible for the issues of development of international relations, youth policy, urban economy, municipal finance, tourism, dismantling of buildings, consumer market, investment, project management, construction, transport and communication, etc.

The participants of the workshop learned about the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the notion of Voluntary national, subnational and local reviews.

Oleg Ekimovsky, Acting mayor of Ulan-Ude, and Rasikh Sagitov, Secretary General of UCLG-Eurasia, welcomed the attendees. “The notion of sustainable development is on everyone’s lips today. Annually, major forums, conferences related to the sustainable development are held. In many documents adopted by the Russian Government the 2030 is mentioned. 2030 is a reference to such document as the 2030 Agenda,” Rasikh Sagitov highlighted. At the beginning of the seminar, the participants were shown the presentations about UCLG-Eurasia.

Tansylu Nurieva, Learning and Research Programs Coordinator, told about key principles of the SDGs and presented best practices of cities from different parts of the world. In addition, the importance of taking part by municipalities in preparing voluntary, as well as local reviews was emphasized.

Saida Zagidullina, Director for Development of UCLG-Eurasia, delivered a speech about the interconnection of the SDGs with the issue of climate change, as well as told about the role of awareness raising to achieve the sustainable development.

The surveys conducted during the workshop showed that the top priority SDGs for Ulan-Ude include SDG 8 “Decent work and economic growth”, SDG 11 “Sustainable cities and communities”, SDG 3 “Good health and well-being”. Over 80% of respondents noted that they face the SDGs in their daily work.

The learning workshop concluded with awarding certificates of participation in the seminar on the SDGs.


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