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В Лениногорске пройдет День правовой помощи детям

Legal Aid Day for Children Will Be Held in Leninogorsk

В Лениногорске пройдет День правовой помощи детям

An event timed to coincide with the All-Russian Day of Legal Aid to Children in Leninogorsk is planned for November 20, at 10:00, in the building of the Department of Education.

The event will involve representatives of various structural organizations: deputy head of social affairs, head of the department of education, head of the guardianship and custody sector, inspector of the UII FPS of Russia, notary, specialist of the integrated social service center “Istok-Bashlangych”, head of the housing department, interrogator of the bailiff service, representative of the bar association, specialist of the Central Employment Center.

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