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Чебоксары и Хэфэй установили побратимские связи

Cheboksary and Hefei Established Twinning Ties

Чебоксары и Хэфэй установили побратимские связи

On August 19, an agreement on establishing twinning ties between the cities of Hefei (PRC) and the UCLG-Eurasia’s member Cheboksary was signed.

The agreement between the cities was concluded to strengthen friendly relations and cooperation, as well as joint development in the field of economy, trade, education, culture, sports, tourism and other areas based on equality and mutual respect. The agreement was signed on the part of the city of Hefei by Wang Weidung, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Hefei, and Evgeny Kadyshev, Mayor of Cheboksary, on the part of the capital of the Chuvash Republic.

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