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Казань возглавила рейтинг российских городов для гастротуризма


Казань возглавила рейтинг российских городов для гастротуризма

Kazan has become the best city in Russia for gastronomic travel. 47% of participants of a survey conducted by one of the job search services voted for the capital of Tatarstan. Astrakhan (39%) and Sochi (31%) are in the top 3 of the ranking as well.

The presence of unusual national cuisine in the region has become the main criterion in ranking cities for gastro-tourism. This was noted by 57% of respondents. For fresh fish and seafood of local catch, 39% of respondents are ready to go on a trip. For 30% of the study participants, it was important to have fresh fruits and vegetables, and for 23% of respondents - a developed restaurant culture, local farm meat and dairy products and delicacies, the press service of the service reports.

20% of respondents want to study local traditions and eating habits. National pastries are of interest to 19% of respondents. To see famous chefs, 11% of Russians are ready to come to the region, and 9% of respondents would like to study the unusual traditional serving of dishes.

Also in the top 10 are Pyatigorsk and Mineralnye Vody (26% each), Vladivostok (26%), Krasnodar (25%), St. Petersburg (23%), Kaliningrad (19%) and the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia (15%). Moscow (13%) closes the top 10.

The study was conducted in July 2022 in all regions of the country. The survey involved 3.2 thousand residents over the age of 18.

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